Benefits of Fasting


Fasting in the month of Ramadhan is one of our holy deeds which we have been ordered, writes Tousif Raza

Our Lord, Almighty Allah, awares us in His holy book by saying, “O! mankind, I had sent you to the world not because of any reason but to worship”. So, we are not reasonless in this world. We need some special deeds to do. We are obliged to perform few things of worship. The guidelines of our worship are openly taught to us through Quran and the sayings of of our beloved Prophet (PBUH).
Fasting in the month of Ramadhan is one of our holy deeds which we have been ordered. This month is full of peace, blessings and mercy not only for Muslims but for the whole mankind. Through this, we are strengthened to tolerate and overcome our shortcomings. Fasting develops us socially, mentally and particularly spiritually. According to Sufism (study of inner purification), fasting possesses many values or aspects like spiritual, social and scientific.
As per Sufism, fasting closes the doors of sins for every human irrespective of his religion, as Imam Ghazali said, “Whenever more food is eaten by anyone, the spirit is weakened. And this spiritual weakness leads human being to do sins or to be involved in the deeds which are not liked by our Lord”
Once, our beloved Prophet (PBUH) said to his companions, “O! my lovers, do marriage to refrain from the sins of your body”. They replied our beloved Prophet (PBUH) that they are financially unable. Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) said, “Then keep fasting to stop or control your sexual feelings”.
It is a fact that when feelings are controlled, a person can control every deed of his will. The lesson for us is to keep fasting, to be strong socially, mentally and spiritually.
Fasting creates patience among people and gives us a feeling of poor hungry people, the month of Fasting is a lesson of equality, mercy, love and respect to each other
Ramdhdan and it’s fasting, is loved by Allah, not only because it is a worship orderd by Almighty, but because it makes a strong relation of a worshipping person with his beloved worshiper. The Prophet(PBUH) of peace, has said o my loved ones in Ramdhdan, u can do everything by your own will and u can’t be stopped by the resistance of devil
                   (About author: Tousif Raza is from Tangmarg  )                


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