TSO fails to keep check on fluctuating rates, consumers aghast

Wasim Parvez 
Baramulla: Tehsil Supplies Office (FCS&CA),Tangmarg failed to keep check on the fluactuating rates of rice in Tangmarg sub divison of Baramulla district. As per the sources many APL consumers were charged Rs 2000 for 1 quital of rice for consequent more than three months as departmental store keepers allegedly sold rice at 2000 per quintal for past 3 to 4 months besides there is no fixed rates on which rice is being sold by departmental stores.

People from various villages of Tangmarg allege that there is no fixed rates on which rice is given to consumers. Sometimes we are provided 1 quital rice against Rs 2000,1800,1750 rupees etc.

There have been repeated complaints from different villages of Tangmarg Sub Divsion Tangmarg against the fluctuating rates but the concerned authorities failed to keep check on rates for storekeepers of food department.

The store keepers were supposed to sell the rice against 2000 per quital for a month only to compensate the losses incured ealier of previous months but they have been allegedly selling the rice against 2000 per quital for at least past 4 months whereas Rs 1500 per quintal is fixed for it for APL consumers.The order was supposed to be for a month only.

TSO Tangmarg Mohammad Rafiq said that the said order was for three months for APL consumers as every consumer doesn’t go and get the ration every month, it was otherwise for one month to issue ration against that amount, I will still confirm it from concerned storekeepers,I have recently joined as TSO Tangmarg”. He also assured for ensuring streamlining of rates at departmental stores.

When contacted Tehsildar Tangmarg Nisar Rasool told KNB that the matter will be resolved with concerned department.” I will take up the matter with TSO Tangmarg to streamline the rates, if anyone is found guilty of selling the rice on higher rates ,action will be taken against him”.

(Via KNB,Kashmir Scenario)


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