Love for whole creation is the beauty of Islam


Islam is not only a religion but a complete code of life taught us how to do good for people, how to respect people how to prove our selves, socially developed out of all mankind,writes Tousif Raza 

The eminent poet and philosopher Alama Iqbal truly said that our Lord Almighty Allah, created humans for love instead of worship. Love is the only reason for the creation of whole universe. Love is our life. For most people, the existence of love is a given, but the nature of love is a mystery. As for the existence of love, this we know from everyday language.  We say that someone loves us, that monarchs love their subjects, and that subjects love their monarch. We say that a husband loves his wife and that a mother loves her children, and vice versa.

We say that people love their country, their fellow citizens, their neighbor.  We use the same language about impersonal objects, saying that someone loves this or that thing. Even though the word “love” is so commonly on our tongues, still hardly anyone knows what love is.  When we stop to think about it, we find that we cannot form any image of it in our thoughts, so we say either that it is not really anything or that it is simply something that flows into us from our sight, hearing, touch, and conversation and therefore influences us. 
We are wholly unaware that it is our very life—not just the general life of our whole body and of all our thoughts, but the life of their every least detail.  Wise people can grasp this when you ask, “If you take away the effects of love, can you think anything? Can you do anything? As the effects of love lose their warmth, do not thought and speech and action lose theirs as well? Do they not warm up as love warms up?” Still, the grasp of these wise people is not based on the thought that love is our life, but on their experience that this is how things happen.
We cannot know what our life is unless we know what love is. If we do not know this, then one person may believe that life is nothing but sensation and action and another that it is thought, when in fact thought is the first effect of life, and sensation and action are secondary effects of life.  Thought is the first effect of life, as just noted, but there are deeper and deeper forms of thought as well as more and more superficial ones. 
The deepest form of thought, the perception of ends, is actually the first effect of life. But more on this below  in connection with levels of life, we can get some idea that love is our life from the warmth of the sun in our world.  We know this warmth acts like the life shared by all earth’s plants because when it increases in the spring, plants of all kinds sprout from the soil.  They dress themselves in their leafy finery and then in their blossoms and eventually in fruit.  This is how they “live.”  When the warmth ebbs away, though, as it does in fall and winter, they are stripped of these signs of life and they wither. Love works the same way in us because love and warmth correspond to each other.  This is why love makes us warm. 
God alone—the Lord—is love itself, because he is life itself. Both we on earth and angels are life-receivers. I will be offering many illustrations of this in works on divine providence and life. Here I would say only that the Lord, who is the God of the universe, is uncreated and infinite, while we and angels are created and finite. Since the Lord is uncreated and infinite, he is that essential reality that is called Jehovah and is life itself or life in itself. No one can be created directly from the Uncreated, the Infinite, from Reality itself and Life itself, because what is divine is one and undivided.  We must be created out of things created and finite, things so formed that something divine can dwell within. Since we and angels are of this nature, we are life-receivers. So if we let ourselves be misled in thought so badly that we think we are not life-receivers but are actually life, there is no way to keep us from thinking that we are God. With so much puzzle and excitement i sometimes think about humanity and humans, why there exists a hatred of heart among, why these people kill each other to survive or to be supreme if our Lord, give us a concept of our existence is only on behalf of love. Religious , social and political organization, around the world made by people to benefit ourselves, or surroundings by one or other way is just becoming a fashion or formality. Islam is not only a religion but a complete code of life taught us how to do good for people, how to respect people how to prove our selves, socially developed out of all mankind.
Our beloved Prophet (PBUH), once went to a person’s home and knocked out the door said “is anyone there in the house” when there was no response the Prophet of peace moved back without entrance to his home and said “o’my friends it is a way to wait for response, because it is the symbol of love and respect. Unfortunately today people so called religious heads enter house to killing, robbery, murder and rapping on the name of jihaad as an order of religion. To read Islam, and it’s teachings deeply is today’s need to learn about peace, respect and honor from Islamic point of view. Islam keeps away from hatred and makes us close to love. Molana Rumi, said to love each other is beauty of Islam so love all creatures so that Allah will love you.

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