No salary without Covid-19 test, ZEO Kunzar to teachers,issues corregendum later



Baramulla July, 15: In an interesting development the Zonal Education Officer, Kunzar Baramulla on Wednesday, in a notification issued,has directed teachers Lalpora village of Kunzar zone to go for sampling for the Covid-19 test at Lalpora hospital failing to which the salaries of the teachers will not be processed for the month of July 2020 and later issued a corregendum for the same.

In a notification vide No.ZEO/K/296 dated 15-07-2020,  issued by Zonal Education Officer Kunzar reads….” all master/teachers of all.schools of collage to report to the Covid-19  testing party in lalpora hospital,if any master/teacher fail to attend ,their salary will not be drawn for the month of 7/2020.salary will be released only after production of certificate of Covid-19 from BMO Kunzar”

Interestingly, another a corregendum was issued by ZEO office Kunzar later, vide No.ZEO/20/302 dated which reads ..”The notification issued by this office….regarding sampling of COVID-19 is hereby cancelled with immediate effect and is treated Null and Void…”a copy of which is sent to CEO Baramulla,BMO Kunzar and teachers falling under the establishment of ZEO office and teachers of Lalpora village for information.


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