Superannuation of Haji Farooq Ahmad lone (Lecturer commerce/ vice Principal GHSS Nehalpora


Press Release 

A tribute from Zonal President Khalid Bashir

It is a reality that everything has an ending. Even this huge universe will come to an end one day. With the rotation our life changes its various stages. The career of an employee in the department is an open book available to everyone to read it leaf by leaf. Today our beloved mentor’s career has achieved its goal. Haji Farooq Ahmad Lone Lecturer commerce at HSS Nehalpora is bidding goodbye  after serving his youthful years in the department of education. 
During his career Haji Farooq Sahab has got name & fame across the valley with his dedication, honesty, punctuality & with his leadership qualities. Haji Farooq Sahab is one of the founding members of Jammu and Kashmir Teachers ForumHe has served at many portfolios of JKTF and was Chief spokesman of Employees Joint Action committee (EJAC) j&k. Haji Farooq sahabs career has been examplary and clean as crystal. 
Haji Farooq sahib was not only a Teacher & Lecturer but a very noble human being with a golden heart. He is an active social worker with high spirit & morale. He is always on the forefront against injustice and callousness. Haji Farooq Sahab is not only loved and respected by his departmental fellows but by the commoners for his sympathetic approach, humbleness and humility. 
Haji Farooq Ahmad lone sahab started his career as Teacher in 1985 and his first place of posting was BMS Pattan. He got promoted as Lecturer in commerce in  2004 and was posted at HSS chandilora. Thereafter he was posted at various places and finally he was posted at HSS Nehalpora where he is working from past several years as vice principal. He is known for his administrative qualities. He played a prominent role in  upgradation of High school Nehalpora to Higher secondary level. Haji Farooq Sahab is very hardworking, generous & compassionate person. He achieved the states , “Best Teacher Award” in the year 2017 for his satisfactory all round performance. Teachers like Haji Farooq sahb are an example to follow. Zonal President Nehalpora Mr Khalid Bashir Tilgami along with his core group members offer tearful farewell to Haji Farooq Sahab amid this Covid uncertainty.
You will always be remembered for your honesty, dedication, sympathy, compassion and generosity. Though you are departing from the department, still you live in our hearts and your memories live with us. I would like to quote Alfred Tennyson’s lines here, ” Men may come and men may go but I go on forever”. Yes we know that being an active social worker you will not stop your mission but will keep going for good. We wish you a very glittering future and a blissful retirement life.

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