Tangmarg Teachers Protest Against IMPACT Training.


Demand revocation of biased  orders against  Grande ll and Grade lll teachers.

Tangmarg,  Sept 16: Scores of grade ll and grade lll teachers of Tangmarg and Kunzer zones   protested today  against the biased IMPACT training programme. The teachers alleged that only a selected cadre of teachers is harassed and humiliated time and again for mean administrative interests. 

It is pertinent to mention here that govt has issued orders  for grade ll and grade lll teachers of Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory for conduct of one month’s IMPACT training. The training programme consists of five days face to face interaction, twenty one days field work and three days assesment and evaluation. The order was issued for all teachers of Jammu and Kashmir but only Grade II and Grade lll teachers were enlisted  for the task, creating chaos and confusion among the nation builders. 

The agitating teachers  said that they are being victimised by the department over one or the other issue every now and then. ” The department is harassing teachers  in the name of trainings , exams and other name tags which discourages the morale of the teaching community and it may have devastating consequences in the future” said an agitating teacher.  The teachers alleged that they have years of teaching experience and valid professional degrees but they are being treated as unprofessional and inexperienced by the department.
The protesting teachers contacted the Principal DIET Sopore and informed him about the pros and cons of the said training programme and requested him to stop the scheduled  training  process  till a valid clarification comes from the administrative department.The teachers also  left the official WhatsApp group of DIET Sopore as a mark of protest.


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