Unverified audio claims abduction, killing of TA soldier


SRINAGAR: A week after the incident of abduction of a Territorial Army (TA) soldier by suspected militants, an unverified audio message had surfaced in which the speaker claims to be militant, without identifying himself, claims to have abducted and killed the soldier.

According to the speaker can be heard in the audio saying, “we understand the pain of the parents of slain soldier because of not receiving his body, which could not returned due to COVID-19 restrictions.

In the 3:13-minute long audio statement in which he does not disclose the name of his organization says that they were collecting evidence on the anti militant activities of the soldier for long time.

The speaker warns ‘others’, who indulge in activities against them of the same fate.

Militant in the audio says “we understand the pain of soldier’s family/friends, but we didn’t return his body to avoid coronavirus spread in his funeral. So, we performed his last rites, just like Indian forces deny our bodies to our families, bury us in unmarked graves.”

He also warns people working in police, army, spies and politicians (especially BJP workers) of “same fate and asks them to mend their ways”.

“Your families will yearn for your bodies too if you do not desist from activities against militants,” says the speaker

A police official told news agency Kashmir Dot Com-(KDC) that they are verifying the authenticity of the audio message.


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